Academic Success Network


的 Academic Success Network at FSU is a partnership of programs that provides resources to help all students get ahead. Our experienced staff collaborate with professors 和 other university support staff to make sure every you get what you need to graduate.

Through the Network, you can access 证明 programs 和 services that focus on preparing you for a complex 和 globalized future, starting with an on-time graduation 和 a degree backed by success.

的 Academic Success Network includes:

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How do I know what classes I need for my major?
Each major has a roadmap for all the classes you need to take during your time here at Frostburg State. You can download the 8-Semester计划 for your major to help plan each semester according to which classes you will need by the end of your studies. 的 CAAR办公室 can help you navigate the roadmap to your goals.

I need help with time management 和/or study skills.
的 可访问性 和 Learning Office staff offers workshops 和 one-on-one sessions to help students learn how to be even better students. 看到 Peer-Assisted Learning (PAL) page for more information.

I could use a little extra help. How can I meet with a tutor?
的 辅导中心 offers free tutoring for many 100- 和 200-level courses as well as writing help for all courses. 参观 Tutoring Offerings 页面或 set up a tutoring appointment to get the extra help you need.

我有多动症. How can I get accommodations?
From taking a test in a different mode to getting extra reminders, the Student 可访问性 Services Office will make sure you receive appropriate accommodations. Please meet with the Director of Student 可访问性 Services. Information about documentation needed can be found at Documentation Requirements.

Why do I have to take a DVMT (Developmental) math class?
Your success is the ultimate goal, 和 making sure you have a good foundation of skills is the best way to achieve that. Based on your math placement score, you may need to take an extra class to give you that solid foundation of skills.  看到 位置测试Developmental Math pages for further information.

I am the first in my family to go to college. Are there any services to help me figure out how to do this?
的re are lots of different aspects of going to college beyond going to class. 的 TRiO Student Support Services program can help. 请访问 三重奏SSS之家

I was notified that I am on academic warning or academic probation. What does that mean?
参观 Academic Warning/Probation page of the CAAR site for more information. You may also find the Academic Regulations & Procedures section of the Undergraduate Catalog 有帮助的.